Choosing A Dog


  • About Dogs Online - Choose your dog breeds, puppy training information and dog health tips so your pet wags for joy. Learn how you can help local animal shelters and dog rescue centers.
  • Before You Get A Dog - An article by Sandi Dremel on the responsibilities of dog ownership. Advice on how to choose a dog.
  • Buying A Puppy? - Don't get ripped off! You need to know the warning signs to watch for and the questions to ask.
  • Dog Buying and Adopting Tips - A collection of online resources about choosing a dog, pure breed or a mix provided by
  • A Dog for the Family - Learn the basics as you search for the perfect dog for your family. Tips on choosing a breed, which breeds are best with children and how to find a good breeder.
  • Dog Infomat - Extensive information on choosing a dog. Mixed breed or purebred? Puppy or adult? Best place to get your dog -- shelter, purebred rescue, breeder? And how do you locate one?
  • A Dogs Life - Brief outline of basic information on choosing, owning, training and understanding your dog.
  • Finding the Right Puppy or Dog - Description of how to choose a breed, breeder, rescue and other options.
  • K9 Perspective Magazine - Free magazine for dog enthusiasts everywhere.
  • Pooch Picker - A quiz to help identify the best dog for you and your family. Tutorials on house breaking and training.
  • Puplinks - All About Dogs - This fun, informative site answers to common questions from dog owners, including how to choose and train a dog. It aims to reduce unwanted dog numbers through education.
  • Puppyfinder - Puppy breed selector, puppy advice, and tips. Breeder directory and current dog news. A helpful resource for those who plan to buy a dog.
  • - What to look for when buying that new pet and what not to do. How to find a good breeder, questions to ask a breeder and other helpful articles.
  • SoYouWanna Pick the Right Dog for You? - This article gives advice on how to decide which breed of dog fits best with your personality and living arrangement and where to pick your dog and how to get it fixed.
  • Tail Waggins Doggie Advice - Advice about choosing a dog, and, more importantly, what to do with him once you bring him home.
  • Thoughts on Responsible Breeding - Includes information, sample codes of ethics and related links.
  • What is a Puppy Mill? - Dog Owner's Guide: Just what is a puppy mill?

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